Canada Goose Flagship

Location: Chicago, IL 

Architect: David A. Levy Associates | Akron, OH 

Installer Cleveland Marble Co. | Elk Grove Village, IL 

Cladding: Extruded Concrete "Oko Skin", Concrete Skin, and Formparts | 3,000 sq. ft. 

Custom Attachment System: Exposed fixing and concealed mounting 

Architects sought the expertise of Hughes Group for the façade construction of the Canada Goose flagship store in Chicago. Clad with öko skin, concrete skin, and formed parts, the unique facade consists of sophisticated gray-toned designs with accents of polar white and liquid black. To articulate an upscale feel, Hughes Group chose surface textures of ferro, ferro light, and matte. The sturdy ‘concrete skin’ façade panels, made of glassfiber reinforced concrete, are only 13 mm thin and offered the architect freedom for the design of individual facades. Hughes Group recommend the full Rieder line for its ability to ‘wrap’ smoothly over buildings, corners, and edges—creating a unique material flow. With öko skin, Hughes Group was able to supply a concrete façade in a slatted design. The various surfaces created a lively interplay of color.

Centerline Fabrication

Centerline sourced and warehoused the extruded concrete material which, unlike wood, is virtually maintenance-free. With a custom attachment system by Centerline, installers mounted the slats with little effort and installed all exposed and concealed mounting for the entire 3,000 sq. ft. façade. Materials were delivered in order and on time, and the contractor only dealt with one company and one contract—saving time and money. Overall, the updated aesthetic, efficient installation, and unique material pallet aligned with Canada Goose’s vision for their American retail expansion.